About Us

Pest Control Research LP (PCR) is a Christchurch-based research, development and product supply company, established in 2000, with the goal of promoting and improving all aspects of animal pest control and pest monitoring in New Zealand.

Company Focus

Our company focuses on providing customers with options to control or eradicate introduced animal pests such as possums, rats, stoats, weasels, ferrets, feral cats, hedgehogs and rabbits. These animals have had a major impact on the viability of our native bird and plant populations and in many cases have caused local or total extinction of species.  

Why we need to control animal pests

Animal pests need to be controlled or eradicated if we want to pass on our natural heritage to future generations. Failure to do so will mean the extinction of even more species adding to the already long list of extinctions that have occurred since the arrival of man to our shores. We also need to control animal pests to  protect our farm industries from the transfer of diseases from wild animals to our domestic herds which threatens our country's economy.

Our Innovative History

PCR undertakes innovative, functional and targeted animal pest control research which leads to new and innovative products for the animal pest control industry. We have a track record of producing products that are now used extensively for animal pest control and monitoring throughout New Zealand.  Products such as our WaxTag (NZ patent no. 516900), for possum and rat monitoring, our Sentinel Kill Trap (NZ patent no. 521746) for possum and feral cat control and our OSKA (One Station Kills All) bait station are examples of how we have lead the field in innovative product design and development in animal pest control. We have also invented totally new lures for possums, rats, stoats, hedgehogs and feral cats such as the Mustelid and Cat Lure, the Rat and Possum Lure and Possum Dough which is irresistible to possums.

Our Products

We have a fantastic line of animal pest control products that are primarily focused on the control and monitoring of animal pests in our native and farm environments. We are focused on protecting our native forest and our native birds that are increasingly coming under pressure from the threat of extinction through predation by introduced animal pests. We are also focused on helping to eliminate Tb (bovine tuberculosis) from our domestic herds by producing new and existing products that control wild animal vectors that carry Tb and infect our farm animals.  

Collaboration, Consultation & Commitment:

PCR has excellent collaborative links with other research organisations including Canterbury (www.canterbury.ac.nz) and Lincoln Universities (www.lincoln.ac.nz), the Department of Conservation (www.doc.govt.nz) , TbFree (www.tbfree.org.nz), and Landcare Research (www.landcareresearch.co.nz) . We also provide consultation and technical support services to City and Regional Councils, private forestry, farming, research and environmental consultancy companies, iwi and community groups who require pest management strategies, solutions and product supply.

Are you on the map?

Community groups and individuals across NZ are making a huge contribution to predator control. Help Predator Free NZ get a handle on the scale of community effort by adding your project to the map! at www.predatorfreenz.org 

Everyone at PCR is committed to providing you with highly efficient products and top quality service because we know you are committed to helping preserve our native flora and fauna.  We’d love to hear from you so send an email to info@pcr.co.nz with feedback, questions or suggestions.