Bait Stations sells a full range of bait stations with capacities ranging from 20 g to 2,000 g. Bait stations serve many purposes including:

  • They help prevent non-target species from accessing the bait.
  • They protect bait from weather so that the bait reemains palatable and effective for longer.
  • Rodent bait stations provide an enclosed space where the rodents feel safe and consume more bait.
  • When filled with non-toxic bait, such as Prefeed Plus, they 'train' possums to visit the site on a nightly basis.
  • Once the animals are trained to vist the site they can be controlled by filling the bait station with toxic bait. Alternatively the animal can be trapped by placing leg-hold traps or kill-traps near the bait station.


Featured products
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Picture of Sentry Plus Bait Station

Sentry Plus Bait Station ...

A medium sized bait station that will hold 600 g of cereal pellets.
Picture of Mouse Trap/Bait Station Box

Mouse Trap/Bait Station Box

A bird proof mouse trap and bait box
Picture of Rat Trap/Bait Station Box

Rat Trap/Bait Station Box

A bird proof rat bait and trap box including trap.
Picture of Romark Bait Station with Stake

Romark Bait Station with Stake

A combination weatherproof bait station and stake suitable for feeding cyanide baits and p...
Picture of Romark Possum Bait Station

Romark Possum Bait Station

A small rat-proof and robust bait station for possums.