Bait Stations

Pest Control Research sells a full range of bait stations with capacities ranging from 20g to 2000g. Bait stations serve many purposes such as the following.

  • They help prevent non-target species from accessing the bait.
  • They protect bait from the rain so that the bait lasts longer.
  • When filled with non-toxic bait, such as Prefeed Plus, they train possums to visit the site on a nightly basis.
  • Once the animals are trained to vist the site they can be poisoned by filling the bait station with poison bait. Alternatively the animal can be trapped by placing leg-hold traps or kill-traps near the bait station.


Featured products
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Picture of CKD Bait Station

CKD Bait Station

A small portable bait station for cyanide paste and pellets. Minimum order quantity of 20 ...
Picture of Nopests Multifeeder

Nopests Multifeeder

Nopests Multifeeder bait station
Picture of OSKA (One Station Kills All) bait station with Pied Piper base

OSKA (One Station Kills All) b...

Dual purpose bait station that can be used for rat and possum control.
Picture of Philproof  Rabbit

Philproof Rabbit

A popular robust and weatherproof bait station for containment of bait pellets. Capacity 1...
Picture of Rat Trap Box

Rat Trap Box

A bird proof rat bait and trap box including trap. Minimum order quantity of 5 traps.
Picture of Romark Bait Station with Stake

Romark Bait Station with Stake

A combination weatherproof bait station and stake suitable for feeding cyanide baits and p...
Picture of Sentry Plus bait station

Sentry Plus bait station ...

A medium sized bait station that will hold 600 grams of cereal pellets. Minimum order quan...
Picture of Tamperproof Rodent - Philproof Bait Station

Tamperproof Rodent - Philproof...

Robust, weatherproof and tamperproof bait station. Has clear lid for easy inspection and ...