BT 200 Trap and Box (PTR1051)

*OUT OF STOCK* ETA July 2022. BT200 zinc coated and stainless steel stoat, rat and hedgehog trap in a sturdy wooden box.
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The BT 200 zinc coated with a stainless trigger plate is located in a wooden box. This trap is one of the most popular ways of controlling stoats in native forests and conservation areas. The wooden box prevents the capture of non-target animals such as native birds.

The BT 200 trap is a superior quality copy of the DOC 200 trap that was designed by the Department of Conservation for killing stoats and rats. The Department of Conservation developed the DOC 200 trap  "for the benefit of all New Zealanders with the ultimate aim of protecting and retaining the last remnants of New Zealand's unique living taonga". They developed the trap because the industry needed a trap that humanely kills stoats.  More Information.

The BT 200 has been tested by Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research NZ Ltd which concluded "It can therefore be concluded that the PCR 200 traps should kill appropriate target species as effectively as the DOC 200 traps (given both traps have identical dimensions)" and that "These results therefore indicate that the PCR 200 trap should be expected to have an equivalent performance to the DOC 200 traps both in terms of killing and capture performance". More Information

  • This trap is a superior quality copy of the DOC 200 trap that is used extensively throughout New Zealand for the control of rats stoats and hedgehogs.
  • Offers combination of stainless & zinc plated steel for rugged dependability in normal bush conditions.
  • Matches the design and performance of the proven DOC200 kill trap, but with upgraded materials.
  • Every trap calibrated and tested prior to shipping to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • It is made of zinc coated steel with a stainless steel trigger plate.
  • It is located in a wooden box to minimise the capture of native birds.
  • The BT 200 has been demonstrated to kill humanely when independently tested against the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) guideline (2011). BT200 achieved 100% success and gained a Class A rating.
  • How to set the BT200 Trap and Box
  • For further setting instructions see the Department of Conservation video that demonstrates the setting of the DOC 200 trap. 
  • More information regarding the use of kill traps
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