Bush Master No.1 Leg-hold trap (PTR1019)

A top-quality, heavy duty, leg-hold trap made for commercial possum control contractors. Minimum order quantity of 5 leg-hold traps.
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The Bush Master No.1 leg-hold trap is the best constructed and strongest trap that is available on the New Zealand market. This trap has been sold in New Zealand for over 40 years so it has been tried, tested and proven to be long-lasting, strong and suitable for capturing and holding large possums. 

The trap was designed in the USA and is manufactured in Taiwan. It is a heavy duty and robust trap (it weighs 450 g compared to the 375 g weight of the Traps.co.nz leg-hold trap) and is specifically designed for long-life and rugged treatment. Consequently they are a favourite of possum control contractors who who use their traps consistently throughout the year.  

The Bush Master has two features not found in other makes of leg hold traps. A small dome on the dog which allows for a hair trigger setting and a hinge on the bottom of the trap where the chain is connected to help reduce the number of  escapes. 

More information regarding the use of leg-hold traps in New Zealand

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