Live Capture Traps

Pest Control Research sells a range of live capture traps as listed below.

  1. Large Cage Trap. This trap is suitable for capturing possums and cats. The trap operates by placing a bait at the back of the trap such as fruit or meat or our Mustelid and Cat Lure. The animal walks into the trap to access the bait and stands on a foot treadle that causes the spring loaded door to close. The door remains locked in the closed position so that it is impossible for the animal to escape.
  2. Holden Live Capture Trap. This trap is a plastic tunnel with a tipping ramp that the animals walk up to acess a bait. When the ramp is tipped it locks into place preventing the animal from exiting the trap. The trap is suitable for capturing ferrets, stoats, weasels and rats.
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Picture of Cage Trap - Large

Cage Trap - Large

A large robust possum and cat wire-mesh cage trap that is fully collapsible.
Picture of Holden Live Capture Trap

Holden Live Capture Trap

Live capture trap for capturing weasels, stoats, ferrets hedgehogs and rats.
Picture of Mustelid & Cat Lure

Mustelid & Cat Lure

A highly effective water resistant lure for kill traps, such as the DOC 200, to attract we...
Picture of Possum Dough 2kg

Possum Dough 2kg

A specially formulated dough bait that possums will die for. Sold in a convenient plastic ...
Picture of Rat Lure

Rat Lure

An irresistable and durable lure designed to attract rats to kill traps. For quantiti...
Picture of Trappers Feeder Paste 500g

Trappers Feeder Paste 500g

A non-toxic possum lure paste in a convenient squeeze container