CKD Bait Station (PTR1023)

A small portable bait station for cyanide paste and pellets.
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The CKD (Completely Knocked Down) bait station is a small bait station that can be quickly assembled in the field and nailed to a tree or post. Hundreds can be carried in a pack because they nest together prior to assembly and are light-weight. The CKD is ideal for possum baiting when using cyanide paste and encapsulated cyanide (Feratox). It is also ideal for prefeeding paste and Possum Dough products such as Possum Paste and Possum Dough. The CKD has a trough in the base that helps prevent the bait from falling out of the bait station.

  • Small lighweight foldable bait station
  • Protects cyanide baits from the weather
  • Suitable for paste and pelleted baits
  • Has a trough in the bottom of the bait station to prevent baits falling out
  • Easily assembled in the field
  • Hundreds can be carried in a pack

 Minimum order quantity of 20 bait stations.

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