HIGH DENSITY Chew Card - Peanut (PFS1041)

A multi-species detection device containing peanut flavoured Possum Dough. Minimum order quantity of 100 cards.
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Chew-Track-Cards or Chew Cards (CTCs) are a multiple species detection device specifically designed to cheaply map the distribution of low density small mammalian pests, principally rodents and possums, but also other pest species. It is an interference device, left in the field for about a week, which identifies animals present by tooth impressions made as they eat the bait material (possum dough) applied to the cards. The cards are a 9 x 18 cm rectangle made of 3 mm 550 g/m2 white plastic coreflute. Attractant bait called possum dough (sold spearately on this site) is applied to the internal channels at either end of the card.

  • Contain highly palatable and long-lasting possum dough developed by Mike Holden.
  • Will last at least 6 months under normal storage.

For generall information and bite-mark ID look at athe following links: 



For research papers investigating the ability of Chew Cards to identify the presence of possums and rats see the following links:




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