BT200 Trap - zinc coated and stainless steel (PRM2056)

Humane zinc coated trap with a stainless steel trigger plate for killing stoats, rats and hedgehogs.
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The BT 200 trap is sourced in New Zealand and is an excellent quality copy of the DOC 200 trap that was designed by the Department of Conservation for killing stoats, rats and hedgehogs. The Department of Conservation developed the DOC 200 trap  "for the benefit of all New Zealanders with the ultimate aim of protecting and retaining the last remnants of New Zealand's unique living taonga". They developed the trap because the industry needed a trap that humanely kills stoats. More information from Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

The BT 200 has been proven humane, having achieved a 100% pass and Class A rating for humane control of rats and stoats, according to the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) guideline (2011). 

BT 200 trap only without a wooden or plastic box as some people prefer to manufacture the boxes themselves. The trap is ideally suited to be used in the Trappers Box which is a sturdy wooden box designed to minimise the capture of native birds.

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