Possum Lure - ANISEED - 2kg Pail

An irresistible and durable lure designed to attract possums to kill traps, leg-hold and cage traps. Now in a convenient rodent proof storage container. Each pail contains about 150 pieces.
$72.00 NZD excl GST

Suitable for possum traps such as the Trapinator, Timms and Sentinel  traps as well as cage and leg-hold applications.

Possums cannot resist aniseed!

Superior to peanut butter which may wash away in the rain or go mouldy.



  • Increase catch rates substantially and be active day after day
  • Bait is robust and water-resistant.
  • High potency scent attractant
  • Convenient hole in the centre to attach to traps using a wire or metal spike.
  • Will last for at least 3 weeks in the field.
  • Very long shelf life.
  • Each lure weighs approximately 10 grams.
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