Tracking Tunnels (50) with cards - BULK PURCHASE

A robust tracking tunnel for monitoring small mammals in New Zealand Bulk purchase - flatpacked for shipping.
$497.50 NZD excl GST

This is a tracking tunnel specifically designed for tracking small mammals such as mice, rats and stoats in New Zealand. It is made from robust 3mm corflute plastic and comes in a flat sheet that needs to be folded along crease lines to form the tunnel. The tunnels is robust and free standing and can take the weight of small rocks or logs to stop it blowing away.

The tunnel also has four tabs on its base where pegs can be used to hold the tunnel down. Four inch flathead nails are ideal for this purpose provided the surface is not rock.

Each tunnel is supplied complete with a tracking card. Replacement tracking cards are also sold on this site. The cards need to be inked and we supply a specially formulated tracking ink in a sponge applicator bottle that is also available on this site.

For a Department of Conservation best-practice guide for using tracking tunnels see the following link

For identification of animals footprints use the guide in the following link.,d.dGY

  •  Designed specifically for monitoring small mammals in New Zealand
  • National protocol certified - suitable for stoat, weasel, ferret, rat, mouse and hedgehog monitoring as well as for lizards, frogs and invertebrates
  • Light, durable, stand-alone coreflute design
  • Exceptional strength withstands wind-fall and heavy snow
  • Possum and storm-proof 'lock-in' ink card included - also fits plastic trays
  • No smudge card folds in half to protect recorded foot prints
  • 'Black Track' ink specially formulated in shoe polish applicator for easy application onto the centre of the cards
  • Specially coated centre portion of card to prevent ink from drying out
  • Replacement cards and 'Black-Track' ink available
  • Easy to carry and set-up in field