Pest Control Research no longer sells Trappers Cyanide Paste for possum control. If you want to buy the paste please phone Mike Holden Ph 021 252 2152. This is a water-resistant paste that contains about 60% sodium cyanide that kills possums quickly so they can be found at bait sites for skinning or fur removal. Trappers Cyanide Paste can only be purchased by holders of a Controlled Substance License (CSL).

Pest Control Research sells a range of products that can be used with cyanide paste. These are all listed below.

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Picture of CKD Bait Station

CKD Bait Station

A small portable bait station for cyanide paste and pellets.
Picture of Excluder - Weka and rat proof attachment

Excluder - Weka and rat proof ...

An attachment for the Sentry Bait Station that prevents weka and rats eating baits.
Picture of Romark Bait Station

Romark Bait Station

A small rat-proof and robust bait station for possums.
Picture of Romark Bait Station with Stake

Romark Bait Station with Stake

A combination weatherproof bait station and stake suitable for feeding cyanide baits and p...
Picture of Trappers Feeder Paste 1.4kg

Trappers Feeder Paste 1.4kg

A non-toxic possum lure paste in a convenient squeeze container
Picture of Trappers Feeder Paste Seconds

Trappers Feeder Paste Seconds

Discounted hard batch of our Trappers Feeder Paste. Citrus flavor
Picture of Warning sign - cyanide

Warning sign - cyanide

Plastic water and tear proof cyanide warning sign
Picture of Warning sign - generic

Warning sign - generic

Generic Poison Sign