Kilmore large-sized bait station

A large capacity bait station suitable for baiting possums.
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The Kilmore Bait Station is an industry standard bait station that has been available on the market for over 20 years. This bait station was designed to minimise bait spillage by using an internal baffle that prevents bait falling out of the station. Bait spillage will only occur if the possum drops bait while it is feeding.

This station will hold approximately 2kg od bait and is ideal for attracking possums to a site by feeding them non-toxic pellets such as Preffed Plus sold on this site. Once the possums have been attracted they can be controlled using cyanide paste, Pindone Possums and Rats or Pestoff. They can also be controlled by setting leg-hold (PCR leg-hold trap) or kill traps (Sentinel Kill Trap) around the bait stations.

For more infomation about using bait stations see the following links.

  • Industry standard large-sized possum and rodent bait station
  • Compact design contains 2kg of bait
  • Can be efficiently stacked and carried into remote locations
  • Rear and side mount clips for use in any location
  • Replacement lids, chokes and mounting brackets available

For the correct use of bait stations click on the following link

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