Leg Hold Traps

Pest Control Research sells two types of leg-hold traps as follows.

  1. The PCR Leg-hold Trap. PCR leg-hold traps are made solely for our company and cannot be purchased from anyone else in New Zealand. This trap is lightweight, approximately 370g so more can be carried in a pack. We have undertaken a series of improvements to the trap over a 2 year period to make them stronger and more suited to New Zealand conditions. Improvements include high grade steel, reinforced base, a riveted cross member, brass trigger plate bolt with locknut, stronger weld on the trigger plate, stronger springs, high tensile dog and improved and strengthened chain. The traps are zinc coated to reduce rusting and to make the trap more visible to reduce the number of lost traps.
  2. The Bush Master Leg-hold Trap.  This trap is a heavy duty trap that is built to last a long time. It weighs approximately 450g and is made from heavy duty steel. It is a favourate with possum control contractors who want traps that will last in the field for at least 5 years.

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Picture of Bush Master No. 1 Leg-hold trap

Bush Master No. 1 Leg-hold tra...

A top-quality heavy duty leg-hold trap made for commercial possum control contractors
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