Modified Victor Stoat and Rat Trap (PTR1037)

A light-weight kill trap for stoat and rat control.
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  • A more cost-effective and lightweight alternative to the DOC 150 and 200 in a wooden box
  • Passes International standards for humaneness
  • Suitable for humanely killing stoats and rats

Setting the Victor Modified Rat and Stoat Trap

The Victor Modified Rat and Stoat Trap is an effective light weight trap. It has a bait shroud that ensures rats and stoats interact with the trap and lure from the most effective direction and are despatched humanely.

  1. Wearing gloves to prevent applying human scent to the trap, lift the white bait shroud, which is hinged at the front, to reveal the trigger spike. Add a slice of lure to the trigger spike so that it is firmly in position.
    A slice of Rats & Possum lure or Mustelid & Cat lure should be used depending on the target pest.
  2. Replace the bait shroud.
  3. If present, remove the small staple that holds the setting pin in place before use (not the u staple at the rear of the trap).
    4. Move the setting pin back so it lies off the rear of the trap. With the trap on a firm surface, pull the kill bar back against the spring until it is flat along the rear of the trap. Keep fingers away from the front of the trap.
  4. While holding the kill bar down, carefully move the setting pin back over the kill bar and insert it in the notch in the rear of the lure trigger so that when the kill bar is released the setting pin holds the kill bar in place and the trigger is set.
  5. Keeping fingers out of the front kill zone of the trap gently place the trap in position. The traps should be set in the rear of Kill Trap tunnel to exclude non-target animals such as Weka.


The Modified Victor was developed by Grant Morriss and Bruce Warburton of Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research NZ Ltd. They developed it to provide the pest control industry with a more cost-effective and lightweight alternative to the DOC 150 and 200 traps set in a wooden box, which costs approximately $65 and weighs around 4.5 kg. The modified Victor with the tunnel weighs 0.35 kg, which is less than 1 tenth the weight and it costs 1 third the price.

Grant and Bruce undertook extensive tests on the trap to determine the humaness of Victor Modified Stoat and Rat traps. They found that the modified Victor trap passed international international standards See National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) results.

More information

After these trials Grant and Bruce sought a commercial partner to take the trap to a commercial stage where it could be manufactured and marketed on a commercial scale. undertook this task and designed plastic injection moulded parts that would fit onto the Victor to achieve the same results that the prototype trap achieved in the Landcare trials. We designed a trigger that holds a slice of the Muselid and Cat Lure; the blocks of lure can be sliced to a size that will fit the trigger. See the photo above.

Grant has made a video on how to use the Modified Victor and tunnel. View the video here

Minimum order quantity of 9 traps.

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