Mouse Trap Box

A bird proof trap box
$7.80 NZD excl GST

The Mouse Trap Box is a especially designed trap box to capture mice but prevent accidental captures of native birds such as Robins. The box also contains an effective snap trap. The box can also be used as a bait box. We recommend that you use non-toxic bait in the bait box such as the rat lure (sold on this site) before setting the trap. This will encourage mice to enter the box and overcome neophobia (the fear of new objects). Once the mice are trained to enter the box the trap can be set. This will ensure that all mice that have been using the box will be captured and killed.

The box contains baffles behind the entrance holes that prevent birds stting off the trap. This makes it a save option to use where endangered birds are prevent where mice control needs to be conducted.

NB make sure the trap is pushed firmly into the bottom of the box so that the top of the trap does not hit the lid of the box when it is triggered.

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