Mustelid and Cat Lure - 2kg (PBL1015)

A water resistant lure for kill traps, such as the DOC 200, to attract weasels, stoats, ferrets and feral cats. Now in a convenient rodent-proof storage container.
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Many conservation organisations use the Mustelid Lures to enhance their trapping programes.


  • Increase catch rates substantially
  • Bait is robust and water-resistant
  • Continually attrtractive day after day
  • High potency scent attractant specific to mustelids and cats
  • Convenient hole in the centre to attach to traps using a wire or metal spike
  • Will last for at least 3 weeks in the field
  • Very long shelf life
  • Each lure weighs approximately 10 g (i.e. ~160-200 lures in the 2 kg pail)

In the past lures such as hens eggs, whole portions of rabbit or rabbit mince have been used. However, these lures have problems, for example hen eggs can easily be broken when carried in the field and rabbit portions and rabbit mince only last a few days before going rotten and becoming fly blown and unattractive as a lure.

Many conservation organisations such as the Friends of Rotoiti conservation group use the Mustelid and Cat Lure as a replacement for eggs or rabbit meat. This group compared stoat captures using our Mustelid and Cat Lure with hen eggs and came to the conclusion that it works just as well. See the following link for more details. 

See here for more on the use of Mustelid and Cat Lure from Friends of Rotoiti



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