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Picture of Cable Ties -  Releasable 900mm x 12mm

Cable Ties - Releasable 900mm...

Great for securing and mounting traps in the field, these reusable cable ties are: Releas...
Picture of Hippo-Rat trap

Hippo-Rat trap

Easy to set and effective rat trap
Picture of Hippo-Mouse Trap

Hippo-Mouse Trap

Easy to set and effective mouse trap
Picture of Mouse Trap Box

Mouse Trap Box

A bird proof trap box
Picture of Rat Trap Box

Rat Trap Box

A bird proof rat bait and trap box including trap.
Picture of WaxTag and GloTag combination for Possum Monitoring

WaxTag and GloTag combination ...

A combination of WaxTag and GloTag for more sensitive possum monitoring.
Picture of WaxTag GloTag combination for rat monitoring

WaxTag GloTag combination for ...

A combination WaxTag and GloTag for rat monitoring
Picture of Possum Dough Seconds

Possum Dough Seconds

Price negotiable