PCR Leg-hold Trap

A robust light weight leg-hold trap. Minimum order quantity of 5 leg-hold traps.
$6.20 NZD excl GST

The most cost-effective robust lightweight (375g) leg-hold trap available in New Zealand. Used by commercial possum control contractors and fur hunters throughout New Zealand.

  • These traps are made solely for my company and cannot be purchased from anyone else in New Zealand.
  • We have undertaken a series of improvements to the trap over a 2 year period to make them stronger and more suited to New Zealand conditions.
  • Improvements include high grade steel, reinforced base, a riveted cross member, brass trigger plate bolt with locknut, stronger weld on the trigger plate, stronger springs, high tensile dog and improved and strengthened chain.
  • The traps are zinc coated to prevent rusting and to make the trap more visible to reduce the number of lost traps


For more information about what leg-hold trap are legal for use in New Zealand click on the following link https://www.mpi.govt.nz/protection-and-response/animal-welfare/traps-and-devices/#A

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