Pest Monitoring

Pest Control Research sells four monitoring devices that are used to determine the presence and population density of possum, rat and stoat populations. These are:

  1. WaxTags. These are plastic tags that contain a lump of soft wax at their base that accurately records animal tooth-marks left when they bite the wax to determine if it is edible. 
  2. Chew Cards. These are corrugated plastic (corflute) cards that contain Possum Dough that record animal bite-marks when animals eat the Possum Dough.
  3. Tracking Tunnels. These are plastic tunnels that contain a card partially covered with tracking ink that records animal foot-prints.
  4. Leg-hold Traps. These are used to determine possum densities based on the proportion of traps that capture possums.
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Picture of Chew Card - Aniseed

Chew Card - Aniseed

****NOW DISCONTINUED**** See also our new High Density Aniseed Chew Card product.
Picture of Chew Card - Peanut

Chew Card - Peanut

A multi-species detection device containing peanut flavoured Possum Dough. Minimum order q...
Picture of HIGH DENSITY Chew Card - Aniseed

HIGH DENSITY Chew Card - Anise...

Now available in a more durable grade - A multi-species detection device containing anisee...
Picture of Peanut Butter WaxTags for rodent detection

Peanut Butter WaxTags for rode...

A peanut butter flavoured detection device to indicate the presence of rats. Minimum order...
Picture of Tracking Ink

Tracking Ink

Foot print Tracking Ink in container with sponge applicator.
Picture of Tracking Tunnel Cards

Tracking Tunnel Cards

Tracking Tunnel Cards- NOT PREINKED. See our listing for tracking ink. Minimum order quant...
Picture of Tracking Tunnel with pegs

Tracking Tunnel with pegs

A robust tracking tunnel for monitoring small mammals in New Zealand. Minimum order quanti...