Pest Monitoring

Pest Control Research sells four monitoring devices that are used to determine the presence and population density of possum, rat and stoat populations. These are:

  1. WaxTags. These are plastic tags that contain a lump of soft wax at their base that accurately records animal tooth-marks left when they bite the wax to determine if it is edible. 
  2. Chew Cards. These are corrugated plastic (corflute) cards that contain Possum Dough that record animal bite-marks when animals eat the Possum Dough.
  3. Tracking Tunnels. These are plastic tunnels that contain a card partially covered with tracking ink that records animal foot-prints.
  4. Leg-hold Traps. These are used to determine possum densities based on the proportion of traps that capture possums.
Featured products
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Picture of Aqua-note large

Aqua-note large

A large spiral bound waterproof notebook.
Picture of Aqua-note small

Aqua-note small

A small spiral bound water-proof notebook.
Picture of Bush Master No. 1 Leg-hold trap

Bush Master No. 1 Leg-hold tra...

A top-quality heavy duty leg-hold trap made for commercial possum control contractors
Picture of Chew Card - Aniseed

Chew Card - Aniseed

A multi-species detection device containing aniseed flavoured Possum Dough.
Picture of Chew Card - Empty

Chew Card - Empty

A 9 x 18mm plain chew card
Picture of Chew Card - Peanut

Chew Card - Peanut

A multi-species detection device containing peanut flavoured Possum Dough.
Picture of GloTag - luminescent lure for possums

GloTag - luminescent lure for ...

A glo-in-the-dark lure that attracts possums at night.
Picture of PCR Leg-hold Trap

PCR Leg-hold Trap

A robust light weight leg-hold trap.
Picture of Peanut Butter WaxTags for rodent detection

Peanut Butter WaxTags for rode...

A peanut butter flavoured detection device to indicate the presence of rats.
Picture of Plain WaxTags for possum monitoring

Plain WaxTags for possum monit...

A patented device to detect the presence and density of possum populations (NZ Patent 5169...
Picture of Waterproof Notebook

Waterproof Notebook

A totally waterproof notebook made with plastic pages that can be used underwater.
Picture of Waterproof Notebook Cover

Waterproof Notebook Cover

A ridged PVC plastic notebook cover for the waterproof notebook.
Picture of Waterproof Notebook with Cover

Waterproof Notebook with Cover

A combination totally waterproof notebook with the cover.
Picture of WaxTag and GloTag combination for Possum Monitoring

WaxTag and GloTag combination ...

A combination of WaxTag and GloTag for more sensitive possum monitoring.
Picture of WaxTag GloTag combination for rat monitoring

WaxTag GloTag combination for ...

A combination WaxTag and GloTag for rat monitoring
Picture of Tracking Tunnel with card

Tracking Tunnel with card

A robust tracking tunnel for monitoring small mammals in New Zealand