PESTOFF! Possum Bait Waxed 10 kg (PBL1009)

**LOW STOCK** Available from mid-October 2021. Waxed water resistant bait blocks for possum and rat control
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We recommend that you use these pellets in wet environments. These baits are the same as Pestoff Possum Pellets with the exception that they are waxed coated which makes them last longer in wet environments. The wax coating greatly reduces the likelyhood that the pellets will absorb moisture from the atmosphere reducing decay caused by mould growth. Pestoff Possum Pellets are compressed cereal pellets that possums and rats love to eat. They contain the second generation anticoagulant brodifacuoum which is a slow-acting poison which means the possums and rats do not become bait shy. This bait must be used in bait stations such as the Sentry, Sentry Plus and Kilmore bait stations on this site. For rat poisoning we recommend that you use the Pied Piper bait station on this site which will stop rats taking the bait away and storing it causing bait wastage.

  • Waxed bait for wet areas and increasing longevity in field
  • Very popular for use in bait stations for knockdown or maintenance control
  • Effective at reducing both possum and rat populations
  • Convenient 10 kg pails
  • Contains the anticoagulant poison

For more information about bait station use see the following link

For information regarding the use of toxins for pest control see the follow links


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