Pied Piper rat bait station for cereal pellets

Rat bait station that prevents rats carrying bait away.
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Pest Control Research was involved in the design of this bait station to provide the market with a rat bait station that can use cereal pelleted baits such as Pindone Possum and Rats and Pestoff. There was no rat baiting option using cereal pellets before this bait station was developed and the only option was to use bait stations such as the Sentry, Sentry Plus and Kilmore bait stations which are designed for possum control. However, when rats use these they make numerous visits to the bait station taking the bait away and storing it at their nest sites. The Pied Piper prevents this happening because the rats have to eat the bait through a grid and cannot remove the bait. This means less bait is used, reducing cost. Its use also reduces the amount of poison present in the environment.

  • Designed specifically to feed cereal pelleted bait - the cheapest rat baiting option available.
  • Prevents rats taking bait away and storing it which is a problem when using conventional bait stations.
  • Bait used is what the rat eats not what it takes away and stores
  • Gives cheaper baiting less residues in the environment.
  • Suitable for use with Pindone Possum and Rat and Pestoff cereal pellets.
  • Can be used for footprint tracking cards as well as baiting.

For the correct use of bait stations click on the following link http://www.npca.org.nz/images/stories/NPCA/PDF/a13_bait%20station_2015-nov_lr.pdf

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