OSKA (One Station Kills All) bait station with Pied Piper base

Dual purpose bait station that can be used for rat and possum control.
$24.50 NZD excl GST

The OSKA (One Station Kills All) bait station was developed in collaboration with TbFree New Zealand http://www.tbfree.org.nz/ . Previously in some cases TbFree they needed to control rats in areas where numbers were high, so that they would not eat the possum baits before the possums had time to get to them. This required several trips into possum control areas to do rat control which was then followed by trips to undertake possum control.

Consequently TbFree required a bait station that would do both jobs to reduce manpower costs. Pest Control Research developed the OSKA that fits onto the Pied Piper Bait Station base (also sold on this site). The OSKA has a spring loaded treadle that the possums push down to access the possum bait. Rats are unable to activate treadle and possums are unable to eat the rat bait through the rat-specfic grill. Baits such as Pindone Possum and Rats or Pestoff can be used for the rat control while cyanide baits, Pestoff or Pindone Possum and Rats can be used simultaneously for possum control. The tunnel can also be used for stoat control when using poison paste such as PAPP.

  • A combination rat specific and possum specific bait station enclosed in one.
  • Massive cost-savings because rat and possum control do not need to be undertaken separately.
  • Currently being trialed over thousands of hectares in the Wellington region.
  • Baits are fully protected from the weather.
  • Minimises risks to native birds.
  • Can also be used as a tunnel for stoat control.

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For the correct use of bait stations click on the following link http://www.npca.org.nz/images/stories/NPCA/PDF/a13_bait%20station_2015-nov_lr.pdf