Rat Trap Box

A bird proof rat bait and trap box including trap. Minimum order quantity of 5 traps.
$12.75 NZD excl GST

The PCR Rat trap box is especially designed to prevent bird captures. The box contains two wire spikes to place non-toxic or toxic bait blocks such as the Rat Lure or Mustelid and Cat lure sold on this site. It also contains a sensitive rat kill trap. The lures are used to attract the rats into the box over a period of a week or two. Once the rats are trained to enter the box the snap trap can be set and the rats killed. This method is very efficient for capturing rats as it overcomes neophobia i.e. the fear of new objects in the environment. The Trap Box comes with a key to open the box to prevent animals such as possums opening the lid.

The box contains baffles so that birds cannot put their heads into the box and set the trap off.

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