Sentinel Possum Kill Trap

A strong and portable possum and feral cat kill trap.
$39.95 NZD excl GST

The Sentinel Kill Trap was developed by Pest Control Research in 2006 to fill a gap in the possum control industry for a small lightweight portable trap that can be used over large areas. The trap has been used over a large scale by the Department of Conservation in the Urewera National Park and was found to be the most suitable trap tested (see page 21 in the report in the following link).

The trap design is based on a Canadian trap design called the LDL 101 that was tested by Landcare Research NZ Ltd and found to be suitable for capturing possums (see the following link for the research paper)  Download PDF. However our initial trails indicated that the LDL 101 needed to have major modifications to consistently capture and kill possums. We developed a trap with these modifications which we patented (NZ Patent 521746). For a copy of the patent click on the following link.

The Sentinel trap was tested By Landcare Research NZ Ltd using the NAWAC trap testing proceedures and found that it passed the New Zealand humane standards for kill traps (click on the following link for the research report). Download PDF

The Sentinel also has a patented rat resistant bait clip attached that stops rats eating the bait so the trap remains baited for several weeks (click on the following link for the research report) Download PDF . The Rat resistant bait clip has a New Zealand patent (NZ Patent 532933). For a copy of the patent click on the following link.

To see how to set the trap click on the following link N.B. This video shows Department of Conservation staff using the trap with a safety hook and a locating pin. These were made by DoC staff and are not required to operate the trap and are not included in the purchase of your trap or sold by Pest control Research.

This purchase is for the full trap set up which includes:

  1. The Sentinel Trap
  2. The Rat resistant bait clip.
  3. The trap cover.
  4. The tree mounting tube.

For information regarding the use of kill traps click on the following link


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