Sentinel Rat Resistant Bait Clip (PTR1034)

A rat resistant bait clip that stops rats eating the bait on the Sentinel Kill Trap.
SKU: PTR1034
$2.00 NZD excl GST

The rat resistant bait clip for the Sentinel Kill Trap was developed to stop rats eating the bait which stops the trap catching possums. Kill traps used where rats are present are commonly rendered inoperable on the first night because rats eat the bait making the trap unattractive to possums. Pest Control Reseach developed a patented rat resistant bait clip (NZ Patent 532933) that clips onto the trigger plate of the trap. For a copy of the patent click on the following link. 

A research trial was undertaken to test the effectiveness of the clip and results showed that the bait clip reduced the amount of bait consumed by rats compared to a standard polymer-based cereal bait (click on the following link for the research report) Download PDF


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