Sentry and Sentry Plus brackets

A metal bracket used to attach the Sentry and Sentry Plus Bait Stations to trees and posts.
$1.90 NZD excl GST

This is a galvanised metal bracket that can be attached to a tree or post for the attachment of the Sentry and Sentry Plus Bait Stations (also sold on this site). The metal bracket has protrusions which ensure the bait station is locked in place so that it cannot be removed by possums. Removal of the bait station from the bracket is achieved by giving the bait station a hard push from the bottom.

  • Strong metal bracket to attached the Sentry and Sentry Plus bait stations to trees and posts.
  • Galvanised to prevent rusting.
  • Has protrusions to lock the bait station into place to prevent removal by possums.
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