Tracking Tunnel Replacement Cards

Tracking Tunnel Replacement Cards- NOT PREINKED. See our listing for tracking ink. Minimum order quantity of 50 cards.
$0.85 NZD excl GST

WE SELL INK SEPARATELY- All PCR tracking tunnels supplied from this site come with a tracking card that fits into the tunnel. However once the card has been used and contains animal footprints it needs to be replaced. Each card is cut so that it fits neatly into the PCR tracking tunnel. It is locked into place in the tunnel so it cannot come out using two cutouts that lock the card into the tunnel.

The centre of the card has a vinyl square where the tracking ink is applied. This square stops the oil in the ink soaking into the card which will cause it to dry out. Pest Control Research also sells tracking ink in a sponge applicator specifically for use on these cards.

  • A replacement tracking card that locks into the PCR tracking tunnel.
  • The card has a vinyl square located on the middle of the card to prevent the tracking ink from drying out.
  • Used with the PCR Tracking Tunnel and tracking ink as sold on this site.
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