Trappers Box

A plastic box designed to hold DOC 150 & DOC & PCR 200 kill traps and the PCR leg-hold trap.
$39.95 NZD excl GST

Traps such as the DOC 200 trap are commonly housed in a wooden box to stop native birds such as Weka and Kiwi from entering the trap and being killed. However the wooden box is bulky and heavy so only a limited number can be carried when establishing them in the field. Pest Control Research has designed and manufactured a plastic box called the Trappers Box that serves the same puropse as the bulky wooden box. The Trappers Box weighs less than half the weight of a wooden box (2 kg compared to the 4.5 kg).

The Trappers Box also comes in two halves a, a top and a bottom half which nest inside each other saving space. A metal grill also fits inside the box to further reduce the risk of capturing native birds. The weight and volume savings make it a lot more cost-effective for establishing DOC 200 trap lines in conservation areas. Both halves are held together using a Tie Mate (also sold separately on this site)which is supplied with each Trappers Box.

The Trappers Box is made from uv resistant polyethelene and is very robust and will give many years of service. Unlike the wooden box the plastic box will not become water-logged and rot.

The Trappers Box will house the DOC 150 and 200 kill traps, the Holden Multi Kill Trap, the PCR leg-hold trap and a variety of other traps. It has a moulded slot in the bottom half so that a Romark stake (sold separately on this site) can be hammered into the ground to prevent the box moving. Alternatively dirt and forest litter can be placed into the opening of the box (not where the trap is located) to weigh the box down to prevent it moving.

The trappers Box is best baited with the meat lured Mustelid and Cat Bait (sold on this site) which is a long-life bait that is an excellent replacement for a hen egg (click on the following link for more information) The trap comes with a egg-holding cup if a hen egg for bait is preferred.

Wooden boxes also hold the smell of the animal that is captured which soaks into the wood. For example if a ferret is captured the smell of the ferret will stop rats and stoats from entering the box. The Trappers Box is made of plastic so that the animal smell can be washed out if a ferret is captured.


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