Trappers Feeder Paste Seconds

Discounted hard batch of our Trappers Feeder Paste. Citrus flavor
$7.00 NZD excl GST

Selling cheap - an overmixed batch of our Trappers Feeder Paste resulting in a harder than usual consistency. Warm in the sun or cut open tube and store in airtight packaging. Same formulation as our regular paste so equally as attractive to possums. Also available in buckets (prices negotiable, contact for more info).


Trappers Feeder Paste is a aniseed flavoured paste that can be squirted out of the applicator tube onto  trees or posts where traps or bait stations are attached. It can also be used as a bait on the triggers of kill traps such as the Sentinel Kill Trap (also sold on this site) to increase possum captures. Trappers Feeder Paste has water resistant qualities so it can be used in wet environmenrts.

  • A water resistant paste suitable to attract possums to trap sites and bait stations.
  • Can be use as a waterproof coating for cyanide baits such as Trappers Cyanide (also sold on this site).
  • Suitable for use as a bait for use on the triggers of kill traps such as the Sentinel Kill Trap.
  • Aniseed flavour makes it very attractive to possums.
  • Packaged in a handy squeeze bottle with a resealable lid.
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